Project Yo Eddy in Norway


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I am working on a project rebuilding a Yo Eddy frame. 1 step: sandblasting and repainting. 2 step: Build it up as light as possible.
Hope someone has some ideas around my project.


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I am a liitle jealous of you guys living in Norway. But I'll be in your country from 8th til 30th of July. Oh lucky me...


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What year is the frame? I have a NY built yo (last one) and could help with a nice period correct looking list of light components. You can view my Yo on the Weightweenies site, although some parts were changed. Good luck!


What year is the frame?

Right! Most important thing!

Wheels and fork will be the biggest things, right? I hope you have a Yo fork.

The lightest wheels I had on my Fat way back when were a set of 28 hole Nuke Proof hubs on Ritchey Vantage Pro or WCS (can't quite remember) rims, 1.8/1.6 spokes and a Sachs/Maillard freewheel.