q: What is pink and purple with spots all over?


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a: a classic Fat Chance Yo Eddy restored by Rody at Groovy

My Fat Chance and I have been through 18 years together. That's through 2 paint jobs and 3 cross-country moves. I put up a retrospective website about her:


After putting up the site, I realized that it would be easy for me to put up other people's fat stories, in words/pictures/video too. That way we'd have a definitive collection of Fat Chance stories on the web (this board also serves that, but given that it is a bulletin board, posts are a bit more fluid and don't stand out as much as individual stories on a separate website).

I've started to think about selling my Yo, because she's always been a bit too short for me, and my now 40-something back can't handle the scrunched position. But I wanted to make a record of her before I do, and so I created the website for the pink n' purple Fat. And, hey, if you think this is the Fat for you, definitely drop me a line, and I'll send out an email before I auction her.

Best way to contact me is using the form on that website, http://fatchanceyoeddy.com/. I will occasionally check back here, but not too often.