Question on Fat Chance forks.

Jack Lantern

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Could someone fill me in regarding the Fat Chance fork (the Big One?) and the Tange Struts fork? I just got a 91 Yo frame and it came with a Struts fork, which I'm sure was not stock but they look alot like the Fat fork. Is it kinda like the same deal as the Bontrager fork and the Tange Switchblade? Also, even though the Struts fork has curved blades it still looks real nice and is in sweet shape. I guess since I'm going to be getting the frame rerpainted, once the Yo decals are done that is (no pressure Doug ;) ), my question is will I be wasting my time getting the Struts fork painted to match? Is this a "cheap" fork? Looks nice but I don't know anything about them. All info and input is very much welcome.

Thanks all!

Yo Eddy!

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Hi Jack,

There is the BOI and the Yo fork. The comes with 1" blades, where the Yo fork has I believe 1.125" blades. There are for non corrected and corrected (for suspension geometry) ones.

As far as I know Tange was inspired by the Yo fork, but blades are curved and there is a plastic topcap for the blades. Doubt whether there are gussets on the back of the blades, but you could tell as you have one ;) Read somewhere Tange had a license agreement with Chris for making the Struts. I think the Struts is an OK fork, but a many want the Yo fork for their Yo of course. As many Yo's sold back then came with suspension and as most people nowadays don't want an old suspension fork in their Yo, so Yo forks don't come cheap and a Struts could be a great alternative.


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If it doesn't cost too much, I would recommend having the forks painted with your frame. That way the pressure is off to find a relationship. I believe Tange licensed the design.


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check the catalogs, I believe that the Struts fork was offered as an option on the later Monster and perhaps the Buck Shaver. Never with the Yo to my knowledge, but I would get it painted and use it anyway as long as you painting the frame. You can always swap it out later if you wish.