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I've got a 1990 Wicked that I'm planning to get painted once decals are available but I'm having trouble making my mind up about the color(s) and looking for suggestions.

Part of me wants to go with a period correct stock color, but another part of me wants to go with one of the Fat City colors from a different year/model, especially since I was never all that crazy about its original neon orange color. I've always liked the fades on most of the Yo's, but somehow it doesn't seem right to paint a Wicked like a Yo.

I've also considered going for a one-of-a-kind custom job, but the purist in me hesitates. That said, I should probably also note that it has a crazy mix of parts from the 90's (avid, answer, white, sachs, king, xt/xtr and suntour) and it seems unlikely it will ever be fully restored to the stock XC Pro groupo it came with.


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I dunno, like you, I've never been really nuts about my neon pink Wicked. But at the same time, it is a period piece, and the paint (powder coat?) is still in not-too-bad shape. And since it's the original factory paint, I'm a little hesitant to douche it off.

At the moment, with the renewed availability of decals, I'm thinking of buying a second set of decals, re-decaling it as is (polish it up as much as possible) and saving a second set of decals should I decide to refinish at a later date.

But it is kinda cool to have one of those period rides, in period color and original paint.

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i am a backer of an original respray/powdercoat. my preference is for the original colors becuase i think the periods bikes are cool and that is what sets them apart.

that being said. it is just paint. if you don't like the color after a time it is not that expensive to change again. regardless the bike will be super dope - just because it is a Fat.



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On the other hand it seems as though there were a fair amount of custom paint jobs being ordered back in the day. Who knows, you could get one done now and possibly someone back then custom ordered one similar to it. I'm sure we've all seen a few oddly painted Fats here and there so I don't think it's outta the question. My 88 Wicked is factory painted black with yellow & orange splatters and it's the only one I've ever seen like it. Have fun with it. After all, it is a 1990 bike and crazy paint schemes were the order of the day.


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mine is metallic cherry. here it has a specialized fork but now it sports a wicked fork.


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My Yo

was a custom option..... I went with an all over metallic purple. The decals make it look like a fat, don't get hungup on colour....