repaint? is it considered bad form?


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hey guys, some of you may know me from

i recently bought my first fat, the buckshaver from northerndave, as his posts on here suggest it would really benefit from a respray. it is currently "arrest me red" but with the build i have in mind and the fact that the paint is not in good condition i was wondering about getting it painted a different colour as opposed to original.

what's the thoughts, go original or something different? is it considered bad form for it not to be original.

for the record i was thinking white with matching white marzocchi forks but with original style stickers and fat style lettering for the forks aswel.

i would be using Argos Cycles in bristol for the repaint as my muddy fox by them recently was awesome.

opinions please:D


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Do whatever will make you happy! (and ride more)

I wouldn't worry about repraying a bike unless it was a rare/unique paint job. Arrest Me Red is a super nice color, but pretty standard.


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that's cool then, i was probably gonna do it anyway but was curious about the response. i figured the red was pretty common and it's not like i'm trying to pass it off as a yo or something. but i thought sticking to a one colour respray was the way forward as being a buckshaver the whole point seems to be simplicity.

got mostly m739 xt for it and some spinergy xyclone wheels with some thomson bits aswel, should be nice.