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Repro Old School Decals

Doug Carter

Staff member
I haven't started to really market them yet, but I do now have a few different reproduction/restoration old school decals available. Rock Shox RS fork decals, Syncros crank and stem decals in white and black as well as Ringle stem replacement decals. I have the Ringles in black, white, yellow and some experimental ones in the light blue usually found on 3Dv stems. I'm not real happy with the blue vinyl, so they are available, but I don't guarantee the long-term quality.



I also have some Yo Eddy decals identical to the original factory swag. I can make them for anyone in pretty much any color. I'm working on a reasonable price for things for you guys. This one was a fluorescent orange one that was sold on eBay a while ago to try to gauge demand.


I have also had the idea to make toptube decals like the old racers used to always have on their bikes, a la the Yeti Team and Cannondale bikes. These would be pretty much custom made for anyone who would want some of their own names on their bikes. A nice old school personal touch.


If anyone is interested or has some other requests, feel free to post here...

Doug Carter

Staff member
Hadn't thought about it, but if I had originals, or something to work from, I could pretty much make just about anything from cut vinyl. They won't be the original water slide, but they'd last a helluva lot longer and hold up better.


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Syncros decals

Hello Doug I'd like some black syncros ones for a Ti post, I can send you the size if you want.

Cheers, Geoff.