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I recently found this group and signed right up. I bought a new Yo in Dec 1996 when I worked at a bike shop. See attached photo. I ordered it with a Judy fork painted candy apple red to match the frame. I specifically remember deciding NOT to order the BOI fork even though Chris Chance told me it would be a good idea. Doh!

I rode this bike everywhere for 6 years. Somewhere along the line I lost the original paperwork and order forms I had saved. In 2002 the original judy fork developed a crack in the fork bridge, and I replaced it with a newer rock shox (color black), and replaced all the parts with a new Shimano XT kit. The longer suspension messed up the handling as is well known. From 2002 it's been mostly gathering dust, I've had it out for a few rides each year.

So now I'd like to get a rigid fork for it and start riding it again. Heck, we're in a recession and work sucks, so why not ride more. Finding an original BOI looks difficult. So I prefer to purchase a quality made replica. I've seen that Groovy cycle works makes a replica. Has anyone used their BOI fork on a yo? If so, can you tell me if you're satisified with the fork, and how was your experience working with them? Does anyone know of other builders that make a high quality replica of the BOI?

Appreciate any advice, recommendations, or suggestions.



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I've got a fork on order from Igleheart now - will let you know how it turns out when I get it in hand. I do have an original to compare it to on another bike, so it should be interesting.



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I guess Roy and Christopher Igleheart are the two preferred replica builders. They both do good work, but as far as I know they have waiting list so you probably have to wait before you get it.

Chistopher Igleheart used to work for FCC and he produced a lot of the forks back in the day. Don't think you can come any closer to an "original" fork than that.

Ketil: If you don't ride your bike a lot anymore...why don't you sell it to me:D

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Guys, thanks for the advice. I called Rody and ended up placing an order with him last week. He's a busy guy. Not sure when I will get the fork but from all I've seen, it should be nice.

When I do get it, I'll put an update back here and let you all know how it went.



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Is itpossible to lower the travel on the fork for now? If so that could get u riding comfortably till your new fork arrives


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Smitty brings up a good point. an economical solution would be to send your RS Judy to Hippie Tech in Idaho. he can tune up and decrease the travel to 63 or 80mm. that would bring you back into the good handling realm.



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I'm glad somebody brought up the point about reducing travel on the current fork. I have a 95 IF Deluxe and a 95 Yo Eddy, both with SIDs reduced to ~60mm travel and they both handle great. Keep in mind these are frankenforks with Judy 1 inch crowns and SID guts and lowers. In any case the point is you can most economically keep riding the bike with that fork and reduced travel. Keep in mind too that by 95/96 fork travel was starting to increase. The original fork on my IF was a Manitou EFC, which had an A-C length of about 430mm. My current SIDs have ~435mm A-C.

I also have a 92 Monster with a Mag21 Long Travel on it and even with the increased length, it barely affects the handling at all. I think the angle are maybe off by a degree without any sag in the fork.

Also, don't feel bad about not having ordered the BOI originally. I don't know the numbers right off the bat, but I don't think even half the Fat customers we had bought the rigid fork when they ordered a frame/fork, and we sold A LOT of Fats.