Rochester NY


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Hey all, just wondering if there are any other FATs around here. Drop me a line if you're so inclined.



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8) Yes there are, me from Holland, but thats on the outher side of the ocean,. i have a Yo from '91 and i bought it from a guy in the US, the Yo fork i boght in Germany.

greatings to all the Fat addicts,


Yo Eddy!

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Me life in Holland to!

Me life in Holland to! (sorry Karl)

People can find me in the mountains nearby Groningen. :lol:

The Schoorl track is also a favourite of me. My parents live there and in Schoorl I started mountainbiking 12 years ago. In those days there was no track, so we drove everywhere and we had clashes with authorities all the time. We always argumented:


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I ride a purple Yo and live in Belgium(3 year sentence!), although in 2 weeks time I will be living in Hungary...... where they have hills!*

The march east continues.......