Rocky Mountain Summit RL 1993


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Rocky Mountain Summit RL 1991

The paint was touched up and polished with Autoglym. I bought some NOS parts and the bike is like new again. The only thing to search for now is a pair of skinwall Ritchey Megabite tires! Apart from that everything is original.

<edit> I misspelled the year: It's actually from 1991</edit>


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Yo Eddy!

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Hi Spikes,

Nice clean build. A beauty.

I think I do recognise some of the parts, you got them from Roy :D


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Sharp eye you have! I changed the brakes to Dia-Compe in the day and went for clipless pedals and Gripshift. Since I wanted to restore the bike to the original state, I had to find some nearly new or NOS bits. Luckily Roy had some lying around. I bought the bike new in 1993.