rode my wicked today.


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what a unique ride this bike has..
w/ a 135mm stem and it's still solid at technical sections. climbing is a pleasure.

i found out what my build is missing: a purple king headset. :D:D

Dr S

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It must be that time of year Flavio as my Wicked is in the back of the truck ready to go for it's first ride of the year. It's been a long cold winter up here and I can wait no longer!



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Picture from my garden on Saturday....the fence you see on the left towards my neighbor is 125 cm tall, about 4 feet 1 inch...... so you can imagine the amount of snow. Bonsaii lives down the road and has the same conditions, so as you all can imagine we have a few months left before we can start riding.


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Dr S

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The moors where I ride got a good covering of snow on New Years Eve. It was still on the ground 6 weeks later when this picture was taken! Here is my bike in the car park of the pub. It took them two days of digging to get access to their cars and was still 3 feet deep in places on the day of my visit.



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Sunshine and almost entirely dry roads, rode mine to work today... took the long way home just a bit!

Note the big ring action in the pic, with the Conti T&C's and the Moustache bar, its easy to wind her out.


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