San Clemente Weed Patch Ride 09-2010 anyone?


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Thanks for showing us the trails in Aliso, Patrick! We had a great time. It was great meeting Pete and Robert, too. Robert, you were a good sport with your rear brake issues. Not sure I would have wanted to go down that rock trail with a kind-of-sort-a working rear brake.

Next time we'll host you guys up here.


Yes, thanks Patrick! I had a great time as well, the trails were a lot of fun and challenging (for me).
I had some rear brake going down that hill Vince, regardless that was a tough descent in my book.

For everyone else: Vince brought 3 of his bikes, the Ti-fat, Wicked, and his Yo single speed, he and his friends rode them. (I'm sorry but other than Jim, I'm going blank on their names)
Vince's other friend (?) brought a beautiful white and blue Steve Potts. Quite nice.

It was definitely fun and meeting all you guys. Hopefully Patrick can post a pic, but he brought a vintage winding type camera to match his vintage ride, so not sure how that'll work out.

And Vince, thought you said to me you were out of shape??


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Travis was the young buck on my Yo SS. Mike was on the pristine, yet ridden and raced, Steve Potts.

I hope those pictures turn out. The "vintage" camera flew out of his pocket during one of the high speed descents and bounced a few times.

And Robert, I haven't been able to ride much lately (3-4 times in three weeks), but I'll admit I was feeling pretty good that day.

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Thanks guys I had a great time too. I am working on the vintage pictures and will post what I get out of the.

You guys are cool, I am looking forward to caamping at riding the clasic race in March

I would also like to explore Ventura, the trails seem real nice.

Pete had fun too he is a clasic rider too, he use to comute like 100 + miles aday and holds acouple RAAM records.

Thanks again