Seat you Kalloy?


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I'm working on a Wicked project. This one won't be pretty, so I'm going with low bling parts. I know that one if the hard bits to find is the 26.4 seat post- esp a nice long one. In order to get riding, I am faced with the eBay option of the ubiquitous Kalloy or Uno or Orbit posts, until I can find something better. Any thoughts, recommendations, testimonials or warnings on these posts? Weight is not a major concern. :cool:



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. The ones with no logos are better for just that reason. No reason not to ride one, compared to bling models they rarely ever break.

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That's good to know because I'm in the same boat. need a 26.4 seat post for my wicked. Not a real wide selection on eBay.


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They're cheap, look decent, and hold up well. Nothing special and maybe a bit heavy but they are one of the easiest to find in the sizes we need (26.4 and 29.4).

My Yo Eddy new in 1991 came with a Sakae TCO ('tall cool one'), but I'd probably run a Kalloy stealthy black post over one of those now.


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Good info - thanks folks! :beer: Good to know that these are a workable option.
I think my Wicked came with a SR Laprade - and I snapped the seat post bolt on a landing. Ever since, I've gone for the 2-bolt posts.


...I use a 29.2 on a couple frames that are too tight to squeeze (pound) a 29.4 in.

Syncros made very nice ones, but Kalloys work and are readily available for cheap if you don't mind the weight.