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I wanted to share a nice Fat billy that I had the opportunity to see on our local trails.

Mike C purchased this Billy new and had it custom painted in the metallic charcoal and then outfitted it with lots of Ringle, Hutch Mini bear traps, and the odd ano part.

Though she does not get a lot of trail use now, it still was fun to roll around on :D

What have y'all spied lately?



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Last week I raced in the VT 50. A 50 mile mtb race held in Brownsville, VT. I'd say it's the largest mtb race in New England. Every year when I come to this one driveway crossing there is always an old Fat frame hanging from a tree like an ornament. At race speed it looks like a purple Yo with seat tube issues. I always want to stop to look at it but the racer in me make me keep going. Definitley cool too see though!!:confused: