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Modena NYC

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Looking at a Fat - Serial # 08588

Can anyone help me identify? i believe it is a wicked.

I used to have a team purple Yo that i bot new and stupidly sold when i was in college for beer money. :mad:


Doug Carter

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Generally, early Wickeds had a "W" at the end of the serial number. Earlier bikes that didn't have any letter designation were generally of the format "XX" as the year, as 85 and the "XXX" as the production number. Typically, the number would have been 85088, meaning the 88th "Fat Chance" of 1985.

I haven't seen a serial like yours before, but that doesn't mean anything. Their numbering system was less than perfect, and usually left a lot to be desired.

If I was made to guess, I would still say your bike is an '85, and the 88th bike made that year. That would have made it a standard Fat Chance frame, and not a Wicked. There were no frame size designations in the serial that early, either. It could be the 85th bike made in 1988, but by then, the frames all had a letter designation showing what frame it was (W for Wicked, F for Fat Chance, etc.)