Serotta painted yo eddy

Yo Eddy!

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Great it proved to be a good deal! (BTW there is a 'Bikes' section ;) )

Is that condition that good that you even decide not having it repainted?

Yes, the wheel is there for my Yo too. Don't know whether all FATs have it, but it is at least very common. The tiny wheel enables you to use a downpull deraillieur. What the exact reason is to go this way??? Maybe because there were much more downpull deraillieurs in the beginning? Maybe because it enabled people to use their old der. after acquiring a new frame? Actually I don't know.


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Some people even liked running a road derailler to accomodate the use of a bigger front chainring, and the road deraillers were pretty much all bottom pull. - Z


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Looks like a good score!

Hard call whether to keep it with it's unusual colour scheme or get it re done in a 'more traditional' fat city one. Sounds like you may have to anyhow when you sort the bottle bosses.