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Hi Guys,..

since Fat and Serotta has/had some ties i want to show you my Serotta ATX
This one just had a completely rebuild by the Serotta factory because of a crack in the seattube,..










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Thanks guys,

i finally received my red Paul front mech to complete the "non-shimano and mostly Paul" build :D


will install this asap.


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totally insane build. i really like the attention to detail - red everything, even down to the nipples. very very sweet.

also, we must salute your patience. patience to find all of the correct color Paul's drivetrain. that must have taken some time indeed.

Onza Aggro/Honch - my favorite tire combo.

well done,



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Beautiful bike. A friend of mine has an early 90's 17" black T-Max in mint condition hanging from the ceiling of his garage. It never gets ridden so I'm hoping one day he will sell it to me.

It looks like you had a 4" teflon sleeve on the rear derailleur cable, but then removed it, no? I cover most of the cables on my bikes with 14 and 16 gauge teflon sleeves to protect the paint from being scratched (it also keeps donuts in place if you section it off). The overall aesthetic effect isn't quite as "clean" as just bare cables, but the sleeves are clear (transluscent, actually) so you don't really notice them until you get up close.


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Regarding the teflon sleeves; i took it to the LBS to have some small thing done and when i picked it up again they replaced the cables with some old stock cables without asking, also replaced the sleeves,..
i am fine with that, they did not charge me the cables


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Just a "it made me proud" bumb ;)

The Serotta was Voted Bike Of The Year on

and a cool thing happened;
I informed the guys from Serotta and thanked them for the great rebuild job they did and received an email from the big man himself :D

Hello Bas;

Thank you for the great news!

Kind regards,
Ben Serotta

and another email followed 1 minute later.


Perhaps it is little known, but at the time the Fat City Shockabilly was in production, it was built by the same crew that built the ATX. For a few years, Serotta and Fat City were one production facility operating as Serotta/Fat City LLC.


Very cool! :cool: