Shock a billy


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Okay it can't hurt to ask
I'm looking for a AMP rearend shock a billy
Size M
Any color
I bought a second yo' at the time and should have taken the jump on the "billy
Have these ever shown up for resale?
94 SM yo
93 Amp B3
96 Mongoose IBOC

yo' djblu

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Shock-a-billy with Campy and Bullseye.

in the for sale section at the bottom in team violet.

Might be just what yur lookin for...

Doug Carter

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I've sent 3 e-mails to William from here and MTBR and he has never responded about that bike. I have been asking him about it for at least a month with no response. And he's within driving distance, too!


yo' djblu

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that's really odd. I saw that bike on MTB fat thread that scant set up and he mentioned that he might sell it. I sent an email and didn't hear from him for 2 months then "bam!" a "u want to but it?!?" email came in. I just bought my wife a yo' and didn