Slim Chance 94 Seatpost diameter


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I have been riding this Slim since I bought it in 94'. Over 25K miles.

I was told one of the first to come from Serotta. When I order from Belmont Wheel Works at the time I did not know Chris had partner with Serotta. I have road this bike in MA., AZ., SC., and now FL. I've had a couple crashes with the standard collarbone injures but the bike only has a few nicks and the paint is original. It started out as a 9 speed. Now a 10 speed with a mix of campy record and chorus components.

The seatpost tube when measured is 26.6 - 26.8. I severed the carbon seatpost a few weeks back. Easton does not make the carbon in that size any more. Looks like Thompson is the only good MFG that is still making smaller seatpost below 27.2 (but its aluminum). Anybody know where I can get a old- New Easton ec70 26.6 27mm.


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I see record and super record posts on ebay regularly. not carbon but would go well with your groupo

ebay is your final frontier. Although you could look into PMP and other euro parts makers. Even kalloy would do the job.