Slim goes 100!


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Hi all,

been sort of off the board while raising the little one. but still keeping thing Fat with regard to riding.

recently did the Amtrak Century. Irvine to San Diego CA. decided to roll out the Slim Chance and the retro jersey. the other riders were loving the bike. i got a lot of comments. not the normal carbon frame you see everyday out here.

rocking the jersey:

colorful bike in the stand - team violet!:



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long time

long time no post from you settemarche...

I love your bike, now you got me itchin to paint my slim - and ride it more...

That looked like a super fun event




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Hey TV,

indeed it has been awhile. being a full time father has sucked some time away from bike related things. fortunately i can get back every now and again.

how is your Slim project coming along? i remember some time ago we were talking decals with Spectrum. any movement?