So what exactly did happen to Fat City Cycles?


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In the mid-90's I kind of lost touch with the scene. In 2001, my YO! was stolen by someone who knew what they were looking for. I immediately started looking for dealers who sold Fat City frames, but was told they had gone out of business.

I heard other rumors, like Chris Chance folded the company instead of selling out to a larger company like Trek when the company hit hard times financially.

I just never got the "official" story as to what happened. Could someone enlighten me?


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If I'm not mistaken, there are a few thread in the archives about the history and destruction of Fat. I think there is even a thread with a magazine article about the Serotta years in Chris' own words. Inetersting stuff. Just do a little digging in the General forum threads, you'll find some great stuff.


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by the way....

I had no idea there were more threads because I didnt realize that you had to pull-down "show all since the beginning." I guess the default is that you only see what has been active for the last month or so.

Sorry about not searching more thoroughly first.

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Hi Kevin,

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