SoCAL Fat Chance Rally?


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Fellow Fat Cogs,

Is there any kind of old school MTB rally in Southern California that us FAT COGs could rally up at together? Do we need to start our own? Any interest? I think there's only a few of us in SoCAL...



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San Diego Vintage MTB Ride

Craigslist Post is San Diego:

Have you been looking for a good place and group to ride your vintage mountian bike in? Starting this weekend we will start a vintage mountain bike ride in the San Diego area.

These old classics need to be ridden! bring out your Mountain Goats, Ritcheys, Fishers, Fat Chances, Landsharks, and whatever else you might have. Usually a vintage or classic mountian bike would be a high end steed older than about 1994 (thats pretty old in the Mtn bike community). Whether its geared or single speed we want you out there for the first monthy ride. Full rigid? right on!

Meet this Sunday in front of Quality Bike Shop in the Clairmont area of San Diego at 7:30am.

Quality Bike Shop
3952 Clairemont Mesa
San Diego, Ca 92117

I'm sort of still sick, but I'll check it out and try to get some flix...


Doug Carter

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I know Rumpfy ( & others) organizes a get-together at the Sea Otter Classic, but I don't know much about it, as I'm in Chicago.

I am considering organizing a springtime gathering/ride/show-n-tell in the midwest, possibly at Kettle Morraine, Wisconsin for the retro-nerds. Anoyne interested in seeing something develop in the Central US?


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The Sea Otter Classic would be fresh to visit. As far as going alL the way back to Wisconsin for ralley, I'd have to pass. I'm in boon docks here in San Diego.



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Hey Zook, talk to Sky (VDubBusRider)...he's on the MTBR forum as well and lives in the San Diego/SoCal area.
He's starting to put together a monthly 'vintage' ride in your area.

As far as the Sea Otter's on for this year for sure!
We're working on a light hearted vintage ride too for Saturday. There should be some nice oldies on hand. If you're going to be up in NorCal for the race, bring your Fat!