Something old, something new (Yo Content!)


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I just got a new SID(team Race w, remote lockout) in the mail for my late model Yo and thought this would be a great photo op!

Here are me and my brother's Yo Eddy's! This is the best of both worlds here. Almost 10 years separates these babies. The yellow one is 141Y2M and the bronze metallica Yo is YOM2282. We built both of these together over the last 5 yrs, so we do swap out on rides here and there ;)
So the argument about Mass vs. New York lives on. I can tell you one thing...the 80mm suspension corrected bike has a much more updated stance and is a bit easier on the lower back. The '92 Yo is much flatter feeling but is equally as quick on the trails.

Both of these have enough Ringle parts to shake a stick at! The yellow one definitely stands out on the trail more! I've had people try to make offers on that one and had to stick to my guns and tell 'em not for sale! I guess there is still something about Bullseye cranks and 3d violet Ringle!

Which is your favorite?

Oh yeah...the Litespeed was feeling left out so I included her in the last pic.



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very nice!---I am partial to the yellow...then again I have two in my stable ;)

The side by side on the forks is neat. The amount of clearance tire to crown on my 90/91 forks from Rody and the forks on my 93 is even significant. It'd be neat to line all those generations up to see the progression.