Soooo, this just came into my life......


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Long story short......

This was and is still, a complete bike, (I'm getting the wheels next week). I've been lusting over owning a Fat Chance bike since I started cycling, and today, a dear friend hooked me up. I haven't a clue what year it is, other than what I've presented here. Anyway, help with exactly what I have would be greatly appreciated. My friend owns a Cyclery and, plans are for him to repaint and decal it for me. Then we will restore it to her former glory.

Needless to say, I'm beyond words folks. I've always wanted to own one but, I never thought I'd actually get to check off that Bucket List item.

From the serial # it's the 886th 1991 Yo Eddy in a size medium.

Can someone help me understand why the fork doesn't match the frame, which apears to be factory black with white and yellow decals.


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