I randomly came across this and felt bad for the guy:


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Date: 2006-08-05, 7:14PM CDT

Stolen on Friday from my garage in an alley between Mohawk and Larrabee, right by the Clybourn/Larrabee intersection. I believe the thief/thieves used a regular garage door remote opener (perhaps opportunistically seeing what doors in what alleys he/they can open) to get into my garage. This bike has HUGE sentimental value to me, and I will pay a significant reward, no questions asked, if I get it back. Call 312 498 7757 or 312 823 7311 with info, night or day. You can also email me: pairs4life at aol dot com
It is black with yellow decals, with old school Suntour xc-pro/Grafton/Chris King/WTB/IRD/Ringle components. I want it back, whole and in one piece if possible; I will reward handsomely. I raced and later toured on this machine all over the world since I got it in 1992. It currently sports its third respray, and has a Blackburn rack.
HELP, please folks! 312 498 7757 or 312 823 7311. Thanks!


If anyone on here comes across this bike for sale somewhere, the guy who had it stolen seems to want it back real bad, so maybe he'll get it back if we all keep our "Fat" eyes and ears open? Good Karma usually comes back to those who spread it...


bruce t

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I'm with you --

I'm a long ways away, but I'll keep an eye out for it. It's a bummer to lose a bike that you're attached to.

Cheers, bt


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Im in chicago and I saw that ad last week. I emailed him to sympathize, cause thats how I lost my Yo.

I also told him to come here... I hope I see that thing pop up on ebay so we can let him know. I have a lot of cop friends in the city, and they would be happy to accompany me on a "local pick up" of the bicycle.