Sunday Morning Ride


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took out the Buck Shaver just as the fog lifted.

check out this cheeky monkey messing around on the trail. after i took these pics he came to within 10 yard or meters of where i was sitting. pretty cunning.

sorry for the pic quality. just a small hand held digital. needed an SLR for the coyote. the bike looks good... maybe you will see it for sale here shortly???



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Sunday Morning update

so, went up today Saturday around 5:30pm. about 1/4 of a mile from the spot of the picture was a whole pack of coyote. i came around this little bend and there were three in the single track together. two more behind them. and the another off to my left in the brush trying to get around me.

they did not seem scared. i turned around and hauled to the next highest point. then stopped to see what they were doing. one of the smaller ones had come down the trail to sniff where i had been.


wife had the camera - plus, they were close enough this time i did not want to hang out.