Sweet Box Crown Fork Scored!


Hey Everyone,

I was bored and did a few google searches Friday night for some hard to find items that I like to seek and I came across a guy selling a Fat Chance Box Crown fork! He turned out to be on 145th street and Riverside Drive in Upper Manhattan of all places, right near me-so I left him a message, he called me back we chatted a bit on Saturday morning-bottom line I swung by his place on Saturday afternoon and I picked up yet another very nice Box Crown fork for a VERY low price!

It's in a dark metal flake blue and is really scratched up (just the paint) so I'll need to get it repainted, but it's totally sound and it's from a "Fat Chance" not a Wicked, so it has a really nice swoopy fork rake like a touring bike, as opposed to the tighter rake of even my 1988 Black "Fat Chance" fork (I held it up to it compare...). I don't know if it's Reynolds 531 or if it's Prestige because it has no decals but it's rather heavy and is super stiff, with the gussets on the inside of the blades (so it's at least a 1990 or so), plus he said it came from a "Fat Chance" that he got when he raced for Fat City years ago, I'm leaning towards Reynolds 531 but who knows...

There's also a weird gap in the threads at the top of the fork, does anyone know what that could be for or from?

Here are some initial photos:



  • Blue Box Crown Fork 02.JPG
    Blue Box Crown Fork 02.JPG
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