Ti Fat


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Fat Chance Titanium


Frame No.:

(If somebody know`s something about this code, please contact me)

Fork: Manitou III (Wing`s kit)
Headset: Campagnolo Record OR
Stem: Control Tech (I am looking for a Titus)
Bars: Bontrager Titec
Shifters: Camagnolo record OR
Brakes: Camagnolo record OR
Brake Levers: Camagnolo Record OR
Seatpost: Camagnolo Record OR 29.4
Saddle: Bontrager Ti
Bottom Bracket: Camagnolo Record OR
Cranks: Camagnolo record OR
Pedals: Camagnolo OR
Wheels: Camagnolo Record OR / Atek rims 32h
Skewers: Camagnolo Record OR


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Very nice bike.

As for the serial number, I have a one-off Shock-a-Billy with the serial number AMPTEC1, but it has the AMP rear end and an Action Tec front suspension. I have no idea why your frame would have an AMP serial number, but it is interesting.
I would be interested in any other comments.



That was Chris personal bike if I remember correctly, I rode it October 93 at a Fat dealers ride in Sommerville. That is a true one off do you have any pictures?


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I don't have any pictures handy, but if you go onto the VATB site from the First Flight site, there is a picture of it posted there. It currently resides at FFB (thanks Jeff & Wes!), so perhaps I could ask them to take some new pics if there is any interest.

I have never heard the entire story, but thanks for the information. The bike was obviously very well used, built with good parts, but needing and worthy of a full restoraton.