Trimble 'Rasta'


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Just finished building it up after a year or so now so have a look ;)

spec (for now) :arrow:
Trimble inverse 4 frame..........early fatter lower seat tube area
Trimble roo bar made by brents brother
Marzocchi Z5 fork
Chris king gripnut headset
Onza ules grips
XT rear mech
XT thumbies
XT front mech............custom jubilee clip jobbie
Hope hubs
Sunrace 7 spd screw on freewheel
Sun Ringle CR18 red match the hubs of course
Panaracer magic tyres
Ritchey skewers
Rockwerks brake levers..................................tektro really but they are light and cool
Control tech front canti' easy to set up
Revenge industries U-brake......................again really easy to set up
Kooka Rasta forged cranks with middleburn & sugino rings..............perfect for this build
XT chain
Suntour XC seat post
Turbo leather saddle
Acor seat clamp
Spec due for a change soon - watch this space
please------no rasta whale comments :roll:
some picci's taken using my camera phone as the main camera was down some using a proper camera (You can tell them ones - they are brighter)


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Front brake now gonna be swapped out for a rockshox disc caliper with custom disc set onto white industries/rockshox disc hub




Amazing build! Really stunning and very impressive. Beautiful bike - congratulations.


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most impressive build. most impressive.

however i feel that maybe some of us have just a little to much spare time on our hands. praise the sweet lord baby Jesus that the free world has allowed the opportunity to take on projects such as this.



Wow, nice. That’s a very, very rare early one, still featuring the massive oversized front derailleur tube from the Carbon Cross prototypes, but with the triangulation of the final Inverse4 frame. As big of a hassle as that bb/fd was to sort out, you got the stiffest bb possible, & shouldn’t have to worry about breakage. Thx for sharing.