Typical frame questions, new Fat owner.


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Hey all! Typical new guy with lots of questions. Recently picked up a frame to rebuild, and have some thoughts. First, the serial number except the last 2 digits (an “07”) aren’t visible. Looks as if there was a paint job over the original, and pretty thick. This is a bit of a bummer as it has “team” in paint on the headtube, but I’m guessing that’s also not part of the original paint. It has the press in bb and the general Facebook consensus seems to think 90-92 as far as the year. Any education on the frame as far as where to get a bb spindle or thoughts as far as the paint would be greatly appreciated. I’d really like to get this restored to as close to original as possible.
Thanks for looking!


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Nice pickup, that paint job looks unique, you may want to keep it as is.

The "0" makes it a 1990 and the "7" makes it a 17" Yo Eddy.

Spindles and bearings are available on Ebay.


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Thanks for that! Is it worth sanding down just to get the complete number?
I love the paint job, but there are a lot of imperfections those pics don’t show. I’d like to have it redone to look like it does now, or possibly the original color. Seems like finding a fork and spindle are the next step. Is the spindle just one size, or were there different variations?