Updating a Wicked


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I posted this question on another forum and got less than helpful results. I just started riding again after a 15-year break. I have a 91 Wicked which is fully rigid and loaded with vintage components from the mid 90s. The bike still rides well, but I'm already encountering problems with parts breaking and not being able to replace them. My goal would be to rig this bike with V brakes, a new drivetrain and a suspension fork. I know the geometry wasn't corrected for shocks, but could I put on a short travel fork without a major change? Has anyone done this with success? If so, what fork did you use and how hard was it to find one with a 1-inch steerer tube? Some suggestions that I have gotten include retiring the bike or turning it into a singlespeed. After being out of the game for 15 years, I don't have the legs to ride off-road with one speed. At least not in New England. I love this bike and know it has many more miles left in the frame. Unfortunately, the components aren't as durable and changes in technology don't leave me with many options. I don't have the cash for a new, comparable bike. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I'm no expert, but just did it to mine, give me a call I can go over a bunch of stuff and make some suggestions.

I have a blur xc carbon fiber that weighs less than my wicked, yet I still take the wicked out on the trails. Totally worth doing to whatever level you decide.



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I rode a '91 Yo Eddy with RockShox Mag-21s for years (10+) and didn't feel inconvenienced by the slightly longer a-c length before going back to rigid.