What a beauty on ebay


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This FAT is nice :kissyface

This FAT is nice :kissyface

Yup I love that bike too! A little steep on the price I think & I am afraid that there photos make the bike look better than it actually is but it is an original '85 in a very cool color scheme.

On a side not I have heard some buzz on another forum that the pros closet is doing a lot of Shill bidding (not relevant in the case of this buy-it-now) but someone said he keeps getting outbid on some cranks where the other bidder has 73% of all of there bids to the pros closet. Sounded a little suspicious.

If you send me the details or an auction listing where you think that is occurring I can have someone look into it for you.


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85 FC on Ebay

I thought the original owner posted that bike on here some time back, then recently sold it off-Ebay after 2 or 3 failed attempts at $1,300-1,500. Great looking bike.


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It was available for well under $1,000 locally in LA. Nice looking bike, but not at that price.


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Following Up

Hey Guys, Nick here with The Pro's Closet. Just wanted to chime in and say that we have never "shil" bid on any of our auctions. We don't have the time to manage such a practice and eBay heavily "police" this type of activity.

We have a many international customers that buy 40+ auctions from us a week and then sell them within their countries to help with duties and taxes.

We run our operation by the book and follow eBay's policies and practices.

If you dig into the auction in question, I am confident you will find that the buyer was legit and won the auction as it was intended.

Hope that clears up any speculation.

Best of Rides,



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Pros closet is all about profit and nothing about what we are doing here on this site

Their prices on ebay and descriptions - in my opinion are way out of bounds...

and all the bibble i see them post here and on retrobike is just that bibble

way to go, stick it to em - defend your practices - you'll never get my business


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Tvcreative, you are entitled to your opinion however you clearly do not know who we are or what we are about.

If you have concrete examples I am happy to speak to them as we stand behind our auctions.


Nick Martin


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I agree that shill bids suck, and happen sometimes with some sellers, but FWIW I have had very positive experiences dealing with Nick from The Pro's Closet.