What is your favourite FAT?

What is your favourite FAT?

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You expect

You expect me to choose between three Fats that I own, I couldn't they are all special in their own way.

Yo has certain memories
Billy was my wedding present from my wife
Ti is the newest but I really like it...


Mountain Goat

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Its a tough call between them all, the striking rides are the Yo Eddy, Fat Ti and Shock A Billy (not the amp a like version)..........but if my life depended on it I'd choose the Yo Eddy because steel is real (and it was my first love :0)


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It has to be the Yo Eddy, not because I own one but because to me it's the flagship Fat Chance frame, the model most associated with Fat City Cycles.

Also, it's got to be steel, as steel harks back to the old days and underlines Fat Chance's place at the very centre of quality US mtb frame building.

Yo Eddy!

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the poll is already 4 months running now

zero votes for the Wicked makes me very unhappy :cry:

My story is that I have had my eye on a beautifull Aquamarine fade Wicked Lite for a very long time. When I decided to call the shop to buy it, the shopowner told me its former owner bougth it back only a few hours earlier. :( I was very disappointed and a bit angry. I took action and only a few days later I bought myself a worthy alternative; my current Yo. I really like my Yo, but I guess I would have been evenly happy with the Wicked. :wink:


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I had to vote "other" as my favorite is the "Chris Chance" model. I'm not sure that I've ridden a road bike that I like better.

Yo Eddy!

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Just LogIn, open the Topic and if everything proceeds well the Vote possiblity will appear.

On your Chameleon post: I don't know color codes or even whether or not it was a customblend. What I do no is that FAT offered the Chameleon paintscheme from stock, but I suppose that wasn't your question. You can find one here: http://www.mtb-kataloge.de/Bikekataloge/PDF/Fat_Chance/1996.pdf

This nice example is (still) for sale in Holland:

Good luck with your search! :wink: