What other bikes do you have besides you FAT


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Gday from Australia... not many of us FAT users down here in OZ... they were so damn expensive here.... I actually came across mine by chance - fat chance - and it was given to me on the condition I would never sell it... Fat Chance that will happen. Anyhow - I got a Team Fat from late 80's that I had a 1 1/8 headtube expertly grafted on.... and now its my wicked single spped with HUGI hubs and White Bros SL72 XC forks... awesome feeling blasting past peeps on their ;atest and greatest.... I keep telling them that their Tiawanese bikes have got no soul... so - what other machines do people have besides their FATS ? I got a turner, cromo stumpjumper, litespeed and a ritchey


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G'day mate! I have a Yo Eddy and a Chris Chance Road. I also own a Raleigh record Ace with Shimano Sante gruppo (1987?) and Rocky Mountain Summit RL from 1991. Cheers.


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other bikes....

I have tried to limit myself to just Fats, there are too many other nice bikes out there and I can't have them all.
That said, I do have a very nice Masi Team 3V road bike, other than that it's just Fats....Fats....Fats...


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I have a couple of sweet custom IF steel Deluxe bikes and a Merlin. As far as the road bikes, a Richard Sachs and a new steel IF Crown Jewel........im currently on the lookout for a nice Chris Chance cyclocross frame!


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I have a nuke proof Ti hardtail and as of today I just closed the deal on a sweet IF roadbike. It should be here within the week.


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My Fat is currently stripped back to bare frame, in the 18 months I've owned the Buckshaver I've never had the opportunity to ride it properly so it's packed up nice and safely now.

Other bikes are all modern;

2004 Cannondale F900
2005 Gary Fisher Big Sur
2001 Stumpy M2 (S/S)
2002 Giant AC Team

All great fun to ride but not in the same league. One day there will be an IF Deluxe or Soulcraft on the list........


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Currently I'm riding on rotation...

1999 Steelman Eurocross
199? Kelly Fillet Brazed Track Bike
1994 Lugged Bianchi (custom rigged single speed MTB - has a sloped top tube - Fresh!)

lately I've been triming the herd...


Yo Eddy!

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88 Koga Miyata ValleyRunner
90 Miyata Anniversary
91 Miyata Team frameset
91 KM TrailRunner
92 KM GentsRacer Carbolite
93 KM TrailRunner Carbolite
93 KM SkyRunner Carbolite
93 KM ValleyRunner Alloy frameset
96 Rafty Funnel
97 KM Survivor

Check out Melvin's stable in the Retro bike section.


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92 GT Zaskar
93 Parkpre Ti
95 Litespeed Obed
95 Fat Chance Ti
98 Intense M1
Tomac 00Buckshot (american made)