What's this Fat jersey worth?


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Found this XL Giordana Longsleeve Team Fat Chance jersey that is pretty much flawless. I have worn lots of jerseys and I know how they are supposed to fit and this is more like a size Large. I'm not sure if I'm going to sell it or not but I know I'll never use it.

Could someone chime in on what these things are worth and if it's worth selling?



Thank you and I know I'd definitely trade as partial payment for a new frame ;)


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It is worth something, and it looks to be in good shape. The prices on eBay vary quite a bit though--I've seen anywhere from $40 to $100+ for Fat jerseys. You've got nice pics, why not start an auction and see?


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I would say on the upperside of $80

Personally, I really don't ever consider buying others jerseys...they have a tendancy to smell like a sock drawer...

sure is cool looking, press it and put it under glass and hang it on the wall...


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Thanks guys.

Yeah, I think I'll just put it on eBay when I feel like not looking at it in my closet anymore. It really is pretty much new. Some woman selling clothes had it and was advertising it as a Halloween costume. There's not a stain on it and I can't find any signs of wear. It's a really cool item but I know I'll never wear it. It was $35 dollars so I just bought it. Figured one of the fanatics out there would be interested in it.

If anyone here wants it, I'll let it go for $80 dollars. Anything less than that and I'll just hold onto it.