Who rode their FAT on Halloween?


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:skull: I'm a bit under the weather, but rode the orange and yellow splatter WICKED to the work at the bike shop and wore my Team Grease T-shirt as a costume! Seemed appropriate.
Hopefully all you MONSTER owners got out for a spin!:skull:


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Kirk Shell

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Sorry to hear your feeling poorly DC. I did load my bag of bones on the Yo and jammed some local hills in my constant quest to outrunn the grim reaper. The only grim reaper that visited halloween night had a nose full o snot and a bag full o candy! ;)

Dr S

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I managed an hour around the local woods on my Yo. Nothing exciting. Did make a start on building up the SAB though. Gonna be sweet! Helped the kids make a Lantern with a face inspired by Eddy. Unfortunately it was dropped before I managed to get a pic:mad: