Who welded the NY Fats?


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When Fat moved to NY, were the guys that welded the frame the same guys that welded Serrota frames? or were there employees hired specicically for Fat frames? Who were they and how'd they get up to speed so fast?

Mojo Troll

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From what I understand. Not many of the original Fat team made thier way to NY to work for Serotta.

Several of the original Fat City employees started IF , Seven and several other frame builders. I heard as many as 13 companies (possibly more) spawned from Fat City Cycles.

At any rate, it's an incredible legacy. It's a shame MOST mtn bike companies don't have the passion, insight and pride that Chris Chance and Fat City had.

Yo Eddy!

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Don't think so, as Chris and Ben teamed up for only a short period. So who did build those post Serotta built bikes?