Wicked Cherry


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Well here she is following about 3 hours of cleaning and polishing. Pretty standard 1990 Wicked in Kandy Wild Cherry with Shimano XT including Rapidfire shifters (one of which is stuck) Mavic rims have little wear and some parts look unused though it is clearly an used bike. Biggest surprise was several small patches of rust under the paint that will have to be addressed at some time.

More later but here are the pics


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take it to some singletrack, the more technical the better.. and feel the handling sweetness. You will find love.


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As a matter of fact I rode it yesterday before the clean and detail. It climbed like a rocket but was a bit twitchy on the steep descents, a shorter stem will solve that matter. A trail nearby that I call the Roller-coaster will be the next test...


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I find mine stable and even slow turning... w/a 135mm stem. It's perfect on east coast type trails. It's not the best at high speeds but shines when you throw it down a stee chute or lift the front wheel to clear a sketchy part of the climbing.


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Sweet bike, as you know.

I found my Wicked to be one of the best mannered rides, both going up and down. A friend tried it and said "it rides like a sport car". Of course he had just been riding a full squisher.


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It rides different from both old school geometry and norba racing hardtails. That's the charm. It is comfortable, unassuming and yet it is at home at radically technical trails. It's unique.

Wicked riders tend to buy more than one. Mine is in Mexico now.. i should build another.
My other bike is an Ibis MOjo and i ride a one size smaller.. so i am usd to quick turning, fast climbing steel rides.


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Thanks for the nice notes from y'all. I have been in Las Vegas for Christmas and so have not found any more time to ride the Fat. On my first ride the Wicked felt nimble and quick on the climb, really different from the '96 Stumpjumper I generally ride. We have epic trails right behind my house so it will be fun becoming acquainted.

By the way for you photo enthusiasts out there here is a pic of my simple lighting setup. Natural light look achieved through a balance of window light and a single daylight balanced hot light.

More later