Wicked Fat maybe for sale?


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Over the last 8 months I haven't used my Wicked at all and I'm pretty sure I want to sell it now. To me it seems pointless to have something so good just lying in the workshop doing nothing. This bike was not built for gathering dust.

Anyway, I have no idea of how much it would be worth? I have no idea of what to expect?

It is in amazing condition and has a full XT groupset (V brakes), Spinergy rev x rok wheels (which I like) Pace RC36 forks (I still have the original Fat rigid forks - they're not the straight blade ones) and nice finishing kit.

It is a great bike, but I'd rather someone got the use of it now.

Thing is, is it actually worth me selling it or are they worth so little that I'd be better just giving it to my sister?

Your help is appreciated.



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I'm fairly certain that there are some GB FAT Fans that would be interested in your bike. Photos are always helpful ... Laddie. :D