Wicked Fork Question?


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I'm going to order a rigid fork from Waltworks, but I need to know what the axle to crown height is on a 1990 Wicked in 19". Any help would be great. Thanks guys!


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I have a 90' wicked also but no original fork, the best I can do is give you the frame specs from the 1990 cat. walt works should be able to draw you up a good fork to match your riding style.

size: 19.5"
head tube: 70 degrees
seat tube: 72 degrees
toptube: 22.83"
bottom bracket: 11.875"
chain stays: 17.125"
wheel base: 41.69"
Fork rake: 1.75"


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wicked fork

So that means it would be about 405mm. I've heard that some of these forks had axle to crown height of between 380-390. Anybody else have any answers?


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fork length

All three of my Wicked forks measure 395mm. Two are from 1991 and one is from 1993.