Wicked with a segmented fork?


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Hi Cogs,

My first and favorite Fat is my rusty, trusty Wicked that I bought my total (paltry) savings back in college in '87. My dad had to kick in the last few hundred bucks!

Anyhow, along the way, I bent the original fork during a downhill race (yep, no suspension), and replaced with a gen 1 answer Manitou elastomer. When that crapped out, I replaced with a YO fork (or a BOI - not sure of the difference, sorry). The fork is great, and tracks well, and I still like the ride of the Wicked.

I'm thinking about slowly picking up parts and repainting / refurbing the wicked, however, and so the big question is...do I search for and replace with an old wicked fork, or keep as-is? Is it a fantastic new hybrid, or a FAT abomination?? :)




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I would stay with the Yo (BOI?), but I'm partial to the look of straight bladed Fat City forks. However, if you want to swap for a stock Wicked fork let me know. I have one in excellent condition that I'd be happy to trade for your Yo fork.


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I own both a Yo and a Wicked (Lite). The Wicked is the sweetest ride I've ever been on. Not sure how a Yo fork would effect the ride but I suspect it couldn't make it better.

Yo forks over the years have brought some big money - I recall some close to $1000. The market is undoubtedly down but it could pay a good part of your restoration back to original. I don't recall a Wicked fork ever bringing anywhere near that amount.

Good luck and I would vote for returning it to original..........