World Champion Stripes for Fat?


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Nate and I have asked around, but had no luck scratching out an answer...

anyone know if there was really a World Championship winning Fat ?

pic from my radball bike:


I know Nate's roadie has a WC stripe too...any others?




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Yes they are legit earned unfortunately my recollection is a possible first name only of Carol. ( NE woman) I can only find records of UCI going back to 1990 I believe it was earned prior to that date sorry but is all my brain can dump out now.


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When I emailed with Chris he didn't respond to that portion of my message :(

I was thinking it would have been when he was a solo builder, but I wonder if they would count for a frame built while he was at Witcomb with Weigle, Sachs, and Serotta?


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Carol Waters was the dominant woman in NE in the early 90s, was master's world champ in XC. However, she always rode a Merlin.

If I recall correctly, a woman from CO won master's worlds on a Fat.