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WTB or WTT: Fat Chance Ti Medium 1998 or Later(?)


New member
I am looking for a Ti Fat Chance in a Medium size (17" seat tube w/ 23" Top Tube). Preferrably I am looking for a later vintage one w/ *OUT* the mono wishbone stays. If anyone knows of one for sale I would definitely be interested.

I also have a 1995 S/M Aquamarine Fade (Blue/Green fade) Yo Eddy that I would trade or sale in order to get the Ti. My Yo is Saratoga, NY Built and has the 1" steerer tube. It is currently built up with some a Blue Ringle seatpost, Blue Ringle Stem, Blue Kooka cranks etc. I would be willing to sell/trade with or without some of these parts.

If anyone is interested in trading/selling etc., please email me at onehotchili@yahoo.com. I will be taking pix of my Yo this weekend and can forward those to people who are interested. I am located in California and would prefer to stick with deals in the US.