Yo Betty / XS Buckshaver or Monster / 14" Wicked

Retro Dude

Looking for a really small Fat frame, condition doesn't matter - even if it's broke or rusted.

My wife wants to start riding again and would really like to ride a Fat (besides me!).

Let me know if you have something and we can work out a deal.



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XS Fats

I sold off an XS Betty and XS Monster to folks on this forum, still have an another XS Betty and a 14" Wicked, but the wife and daughter won't let them go yet. There are a few more small ones around, good luck with your search


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Mt. Tam

Not a Fat, but I have a 24" wheel late 80's Mt. Tam to offer. Pretty much all stock and in very good condition. Definitely a small bike and not expensive.


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I have a XS Monster Fat (I think 1993?)

I have a 1993 XS Monster Fat I have been riding for years as a trail bike. It has original black paint and decals. I changed out the suspension fork it came with to a rigid fork, changed out one of the shifters and the saddle. Unfortunately, I cannot remove the seat post from the frame.

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