Yo Eddy Aquafade Back In The Day


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This is my first post on this forum and after a lot of time wasting I've decided to post a couple of pic's of my yo eddy.

I don't know how common this type of aquafade is but I'd like to know if theirs anymore around the world. Other than the old Kleins of course.

I've had this bike for many years and it still gets a 2nd look when I take it out especially when they see the paint job but is sadly starting to show its age in regards to the condition of the paint.

As you can see from the photos the left crank is broken but I was lucky enough to find some brand new ones on ebay a while back which has restored her back.

I also have a shock a billy as well but at the moment is only a frame and requires some attention in regards to the lower swing arm. It's been cracked through the steel not the weld and I hope somebody out there maybe able to help locate a new arm. The shock a billy frame is the last in the series of shock a billys I think it's the 3rd version I maybe wrong.


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You know, I immediately thought that paint scheme looked like the early 90's Klein Linear fades too. I had a 93 Adroit with the Gator Linear fade and it looked very similar, except with huge frame tubes (and unforgiving ride to boot!!). Love the turquois ano...what a beautiful bike man! Finding a new set of turquois cooks cranks was a stroke of luck for sure.

Thanks for sharing the photos and the details!



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Thanks for sharing, that's a pretty sweet paint job and I like how you have it built up.

I cringed a bit seeing how that crank is broken...I imagined myself climbing a steep climb w/ lots of traction (like Moab Slick rock) out of the saddle, putting all my weight and power into the cranks and then POW!

Nice ride.


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Few More Shots of Unsual Aqua Fade

I know there not the best pics in the world but if you need to see better pics please let me know and I will do my best to get better shots uploaded.

Thanks to all for the comments so far..........


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