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Hi guys!

Thought I'd join and say hi, having (hopefully) just bought my first ever Fat a mere 15 years after first wanting one!

It's a 1991 Yo Eddy that's been resprayed, and I'm just looking for pointers to confirm its age and authenticity - obviously the serial number will be the first dead giveaway (I'm guessing it should be in the format 000Y1ML, where 000 is it's number, Y for Yo Eddy, 1 for 1991, and ML as it's an 18"), but are there any other surefire things I can look for?

Link to the eBay ad in case that helps: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=009&item=190013254815

Seller's dropping it off tomorrow, so any advice gratefully received!



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outside of the S/N your best bet is to just familiarize yourself with the way the bikes were built, how the seatstays meet the seat-tube... look for almost invisible welds :)

from the photos it looks like a real Yo to me. The S/N is gonna really tell you the story though. I doubt someone would go to the trouble of faking a S/N.

Yo Eddy!

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Hi and welcome,

There is absolutely no doubt on that it is a Yo.

If you are risk avoiding and want to be sure you don't make a bad deal I think it is better to have the seatpost removed and check the seattube with a flashlight for rust. Also check the outside of the seattube right above the BB. Seattube replacements can be expensive.
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I don't think that size M/L was available in '91, but this could a custom frame.


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Cheers for the response guys - I have her in my posession now, and she's the real deal!

I can confirm that the size is actually a Medium, which is probably a little <ahem> compact for someone of 6', but seems to fit fine.