Yo Eddy bent seat stay


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I have a '92 Yo Eddy with original 1" tube fork (BOI?), serial number 143Y2M.

On a ride some years back, I endo-ed with my foot caught in the pedal resulting in the left seat stay slamming into the pointed edge of a rock.

The damage is shown in the attached pictures. The first two pics show a straight edge on the bent stay contrasted with the undamaged stay, with subsequent pics showing the general damage.

The bike seemed to ride OK after the accident, with the rear wheel visually aligned between the stays. I am aware of a technique to check the frame alignment using a string, but read somewhere that the dropouts have to be parallel for an accurate measurement.

I haven't ridden in a number of years and I'd like to sell this frame/fork. I'm hoping the group can chime in with opinions on whether a repair is recommended before selling and what such a repair might entail.

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if you could take it to a frame builder shop you would have the best assessment on the frame´s possibilities.


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If you're forthright about the damage, it will negatively impact your sale. I'd get it assessed, fixed/refinished. If your rear wheel didn't pop out or shift in the dropouts, it's probably fine alignment-wise.


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Thank you both for the prompt advice. There's a custom builder near work (Weaver) that seems to do nice work and even builds a fork similar to the Yo... I'd imagine he's familiar with it.