Yo Eddy! Harlequin Fade


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Harlequin Yo

Beautiful bike, I love the harlequin paint job.
What type of fork is that? I don't recall ever seeing a unicrown fork on a YO.


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It's a Tange fork I ordered from Spicer Cycles in the USA. Can't seem to get them over here (UK) easily.

I like the curved blade - a little more supple than a straight-bladed fork. Of course, a Fat Chance Big 1 would have been nice, but finding one is the problem... also it'd be second hand, which I'm not too keen on with a fork.

Lastly, the Tange was inexpensive, and black - 2 major selling points! :)


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Tange forks


I too am having difficulty finding rigid forks in the UK (except Pace which wouldn't look right).
Would you recommend them (the shop and the forks)? How long did you have to wait? Was the postage expensive and did you get stung for import duty, VAT, etc?

Sorry for so many questions in my first posting!



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Very nice.

Shame Curly had to sell it but at least its found a good home.

Cool the way it looks like two different bikes depending on what side your looking at.