Yo Eddy on Ebay!


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Hey There!

Hey There! I just picked up that Yo Eddy Team that was on eBay, after it did not get a winning bid. I paid 880.00, which is high, but the condition seems amazing, have not seen another in this good of shape. I'll follow up with a report on year and condition once it gets here. I have wanted a Fat since the early 90's and I am so excited to finally have one.


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Thanks for the input!

Thanks for the input. One thing I have noticed with our favorite sport is that no one (from what I can tell) has put together a comprehensive value guide on what things are really worth. Example, what is a new old stock late 1980's Mountain Goat frame worth? 100 bucks? 1000 bucks? I know the answer is that it is worth what someone is willing to pay, however, it is hard to determine what to pay when there is no basis for establishing a value. That is what took me so long to get into a Fat, it seems like "value" is all over the board, with people getting what seems like great deals and others over paying for winter projects. Any thoughts on this? I know having a value guide goes against a free market and all, but at least it gives a buyer some idea of what they should pay and a seller some idea of what they should ask...

Also, here are a couple of pictures. I will join the registery once it gets here. Looking forward to meeting new friends and exchanging info!


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This bike is really nice if you can ride an XS frame size and not over priced. I notified the seller that the size in the description was wrong, but he/she never changed it in the relisted ad.

As far as a price guide for vintage MTB's - good luck on that. Sort of like making a price guide for vintage cars - strictly market driven AND subjective.

Do you think anyone would have guessed this:


Not me that's for sure.

More $$$ than your entire bike!