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Yo Eddy On Ebay


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Here's a link to a Yo Eddy for sale on Ebay.


Curious if anyone has seen it, it's not listed as a "Fat Chance", but as a "Fat City"....easy to miss if searching.

The seller has no history and hasn't returned my emails to elaborate on the bike setup/serial number/ size etc.

Has anyone had any luck??? His starting price seems high to me...he's in New York, maybe someone there can make a deal.


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...and he went through a lot of trouble to work out the Canadian shipping rate...

I call big bull**** on this.


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I am waiting for the serial #, I am only bout 30min from him. Hoping it doesn't sell and we can make a deal. I do question the no decals.

He was late to reply to me but said he was traveling or something.