Yo Eddy Restoration


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Hello everyone. Here is the first post in what I hope to be a short series of my restoration.

These are pics of the frame before decals and blue metallic fade are added. The color did not turn out so good in the picture but I am not very good as using my camera. In person it looks like a very good match for the Grello.

I hope later this week to show a finished frame and fork. Also, I will post some pics of some parts I found to put on the bike. If you go to the registry thread you can see the bike the day I picked it up from the friend I had lent it to for 7 years.

In the second pic you can see the new BB shell pretty well. It was fillet brazed in.

Should be interesting to see it come together.


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More pics:

Below is the next step. The fade has been added and some decals are on it. The "Don't Tread On Me" flag will be changed to one with black letters. Thanks to Rody for getting those decals done! By the way, he was impressed with the quality of the Rody decals. The rest of the decals are NOS the painter had from the early 90's. Today he will add the signature and the seattube decal, then clear coat the whole thing. I decided to go with clear coat outside the decals instead of the original clear coat with decals on top.

I like the look of the Walt Works fork. I hope it rides well. With the frame this close to being done I am pretty excited to ride my Yo! again.


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Yo Eddy!

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Seems to be a serious resto ...and with a good result.

The decal over clearcoat was how earlier Yo's like yours came, but later -probably Serotta built- had always decals under the coat.


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So the paint is finished. I think it turned out pretty good. In general it looks much greener than these in these pics, especially outside. Also the camera operator is not very good at taking pictures yet.

Over the weekend I will try to get some outside pics for better lighting and some pics of the parts group. The wheels still need to be built so it should be about 10 days until it is ridable.


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Black would look good but I have an all black bike already. This one will be mostly pink and purple - a real early 90's work of art. Most of the purple parts are from when I originally built the bike so I am keeping with that theme.

Paul levers Purple
Grafton speed controllers purple
Purple Ringle bottle cage
Purple Ringle stem
Purple Flite Control bar ends
Hyperlite bar silver
Ritchey WCS foam grips
Campy Centaur Seatpost Silver
Turbo Saddle Black
Ringle seat binder purple
Pink CK headset
Pink CK hubs
Mt Titan rims silver
Purple Nipples
DT Revo spokes silver
Ringle Cam twists purple
Pink Jagwire cables
Precision Rear der Purple
Sachs Neos front der
Panaracer Smoke/Dart tires
Paul thumbies and Ultegra 8 sp Shifters
Kooka 24 chainring purple
TA 34 and 44 Black middle and outer rings
SRP chainring bolts purple
Cook RSR Silver with black Spider
Wipperman connex chain
XT 11-30 8 sp cassette with purple lockring

So I will have black tires, saddle, grips and outer two rings.

I'll post some more pics tomorrow or Sunday.

Bike should be done on the 20th.


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Outside Pics! I think these look better but I am still not sure how to get the color correct on my camera.


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Yo Eddy

Hey ELEPHANT your YO rocks buddy! Mine is at the frame shop having the seat tube replaced then ill put up some pics of the build up later. Did your YO need a new seat tube looking at the fillet brazing on yours? Damn fine job


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Did your YO need a new seat tube looking at the fillet brazing on yours? Damn fine job

It had some rust from chain suck on the drive side chainstay that was never looked after. There was also some rust at the BB shell and chainstay joint. Bilenky filled the pits with silver and had to strip some paint so I asked them to replace the BB shell with a standard 68mm while he was at it. I really prefer to run a standard BB so I can do all the work on the bike myself and parts are easy to find. Maybe not the best decision if it were a collector's piece but it will be a daily (if I can find time) rider.


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That is a beautiful restoration elephant! Takes me back a few years.
Really gorgeous ride. I'll watch for your updates.
Hope you ride that in good health for many years.


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Here is the next photo update. The rear derailleur needs a M4x8mm grub screw of all things to stop a build. I think I will pick it up Friday. I am very excited!


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More pics. The guy in the photo is Bob from Bilenky Cycle Works. Should be picking it up tomorrow.


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coming along nicely

Looking great, what a beauty!
I just noticed you have a Ringle Zooka stem. Cool.
I have one of those laying around my shop in black, suppose I should get that into someones hands as well.

The side view of a Yo in grello is something I just love. They just look tough with the straight blade fork and all. 1991 is the year I really got into cycling beginning with mountain biking.
Looking at your bike takes me right back to when the bug bit me. The realization of the fun and outdoor adventure that was at hand in my new found activity.

I think you probably got a big karma bump for your restoration. These are soul bikes.